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October 2011

The MOST RIDICULOUS thing I have heard. The computer on the E Tec's will slow it down if you put a pipe or something on it to go faster. Ok, the new sleds have great technology with detonation sensors, temp sensors, throttle position sensors but it would take space shuttle technology and your E tec would cost millions of dollars and it would still not work. Here is why.

  1. A stock E tec will accelerate and run a lot more mph on a 10 below 0 day compared to a 30 degree day. Because @ 10 below and a good barometer reading its making 15 Horsepower more (that's why you have clickers on your clutch, click down for the cold day because of more power so you do not over rev).
  2. Conditions also determine the rate of acceleration and top speed. Hard packed road vs. a foot of wet snow.
  3. So even if you had a million dollar e tec with a very good accelerometer it would not be able to monitor accurately do to conditions!

Basic tuning and common sense, let's think about how the e tec computer monitors the motor.
Throttle position sensor controls timing and fuel delivery to motor.
Temp sensor retards timing if coolant becomes too hot.
Detonation sensor retards timing if the motor knocks
Silencer temp sensor and on the mountain e tecs a pipe temp sensor also, not an oxygen sensor The E tec does not have a mass airflow sensor to monitor airflow like fuel injected cars.

Ok, what does all this mean if you put a y pipe, pipe or silencer on?

  1. Your e tec does not know it so it delivers fuel the same as it did when stock.
  2. Lucky for us Ski Engineering left your e tec a little rich do to different fuel quality and the fact some riders hold the throttle wide open for 3 miles across a lake before it sets off the detonation sensor, retards the timing and does not hurt the pistons. In the good old days without this technology lake running would detonate and ruin the piston and cylinder.
  3. This allows us to put a Y and pipe on which if it was an older carbed motor would be like jetting down 1 size because we need more fuel. In the e tec's case the air fuel changes about.7 still safe but much closer. Your sled will be faster and more responsive but instead of a 3 mile charge across the lake 1 mile might be the limit on 87 octane gas. Put some 91-93 in and back to 3 miles. Ok gas octane is a good topic for another blog. The next time you see a Ski-Doo rep or Dealer thank them for this great technology.

August 2012

The season seems to be starting earlier this year with a lot of orders for E Tec 800's and Polaris 800's. The interesting thing is my Polaris market diminished when I started racing Ski-Doo's and we also did a lot of the pipe development for HTG who used to be known as Polaris performance and now specializes in boats. Fact is we started building Polaris performance products years before we did Ski-Doo. Will try to do a tech blog soon on the 800s, Polaris and Ski-Doo.
Rich Daly

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