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Offering High-Quality Parts for Your Sled


Due to a high volume of orders, we have fallen behind on stocking items and production and are working day and night. Orders and tech, call us Monday-Thursday between 1pm and 4pm, (315) 255-3665 or (315) 253-9631, or you can email with shipping address and we can do a paypall quote.

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Dyno Port, The Best Aftermarket Powersports Performance Parts Specialist in the Business - Pipes, Silencers, Porting, Clutching, and More!

Dyno Port has the parts you need, including Big Volume Cans and Pipes, Big Core Barker Silencers, Clutch Kits, Porting, Reeds and more. Our parts must pass stringent testing before it can receive our brand on it, so you'll know you're getting the finest products available. If you're ready to be the best, then its time you invested in the best. Dyno Port. The Best in the Business.


What They're Saying...

“We’ve used several Dyno Port exhaust systems over the years, with consistent power gains and weight reductions in each case. And in each case, those products fit like they were made at the factory!”
Kevin Beilke, Snow Tech Magazine

“Three things we can always count on when a Dyno Port product comes to our shop are that it will be well-built; it will deliver the performance improvement it promises; and it will be simple to install without jetting hassles.”
Shane Zeppelin,

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