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Dirt Wheels Product Evaluations

Dirt Wheels Product Evaluations Article:“Hot Stuff For Your Quad”Honda Shock Setups And A Yamaha Pipe DYNO-PORT BANSHEE2 INTO 1 PIPE Yamaha Banshee owners are quick to point out how well their machines work when they come on the pipe, but you don’t hear a lot about how well they work at low rpm. That’s because…

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Dirt Rider Product Reviews

DYNO PORT TORQUE: Don’t let the design fool you! The Dyno Port Torque pipe barks up top. On the stock YZ, the DP pipe felt much like the FMF/SX silencer combination, but with a better midrange hit. On the piston-equipped bike, the DP exhaust produced a hard-hitting powerband similar to the FMF/SX combo, but with…

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Stage Tuning – Ski-Doo MX Z/Summit 800

Stage Tuning – Ski-Doo MX Z/Summit 800 with Rich Daly – Dyno Port Last season, Polaris got the jump on everyone with the introduction of their 800 twin offered in the RMK 800. By the time January 2000 rolled around, Ski-Doo had built a very limited number of MX Z 800s and Summit 800s. This…

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Dyno Port Formula III 800

Dynoport owner Rich Daly took the asphalt racing world by surprise last summer when his Prostock 800 sled qualified for Brainerd and advanced past the first round. Daly has taken that experience and turned it towards his company’s consumer products. “One of the things we learned from the asphalt project was to be very precise…

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Dyno Port MX Z 600 – American Snowmobiler

-American Snowmobiler Spring 1999, Page 88-89 Dyno Port MX Z 600 Rich Daly and crew took Rotax’s new 600 cylinder reed motor and gave it a massage for the Saber Invitational. “We got in and did a good tail porting job on the engine,” said Daly. “It isn’t anything radical, but it did make about…

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Tuning The Rotax 800 Triple

Ski-Doo dropped their Type 809 three cylinder 800 engine into the new CK3 chassis last season, and while it proved to be a torque monster in the low end and midrange, the peak power output and bandwidth was lacking. Ski-Doo followed up with calibration improvements that seemed to make a significant improvement, but was this…

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Daly on Ashpalt

Rich Daly had never set up a drag sled when he picked up a copy of Straightline Racer last spring. As the owner of Dyno Port, an aftermarket pipe and engine mod company, he hadn’t spent much time dabbling in clutch work, and none on the suspensions of the sleds he worked on. But after…

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The Mad Scientist Unleashes The Ultimate Big Bore Killer

Rich Daly and his “Big Bore Killer” Ski-Doo XP800 was at it again, tearing ’em up at the Brantling Snowmobile Hill Climb! After shredding it at Song Mountain Hill Climb to win King Of The Hill, Rich won the 800 mod, 900 mod, and 1000 mod at Brantling. Blazing 182 HP @ 8000 RPM on pump gas,…

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