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Dyno Port MX Z 600 – American Snowmobiler

-American Snowmobiler Spring 1999, Page 88-89

Dyno Port MX Z 600

Rich Daly and crew took Rotax’s new 600 cylinder reed motor and gave it a massage for the Saber Invitational. “We got in and did a good tail porting job on the engine,” said Daly. “It isn’t anything radical, but it did make about nine more horsepower over what you had on the Shoot-Out stock sled.” He also took the head down a hair, resulting in slightly higher compression, but well within the tolerance for using pump gas.

The MX Z was equipped with a Dynoport Big Volume single pipe and Dynoport’s new high air flow, quieter silencer. Daly was surprised to be able to gain six hp with his new Big Volume Single.
Other modifications to the sled include a Dynoport clutch kit, and 168 1.2-inch trail studs on the stock track.

At $999.80, the Dynoport MX Z 600 kit was one of the least expensive mod jobs at the Saber Invite. It tipped the scales at 516 punds, compared with 536 pounds for the stock sled, filled with five gallons of fuel, a full tank of oil, and 144 studs.

article3″This is the sled I’ll have on the trails this winter,” said Daly. “It’ll have all the handling characteristics of the stocker, with just a little more power. Plus, if you pulled onto a lake against another MX Z, you’ll be able to handle him and he won’t have any idea what you’ve got.”

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