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Dyno Port Formula III 800

Dynoport owner Rich Daly took the asphalt racing world by surprise last summer when his Prostock 800 sled qualified for Brainerd and advanced past the first round. Daly has taken that experience and turned it towards his company’s consumer products. “One of the things we learned from the asphalt project was to be very precise and look at the little details,” he said. “That has definitely helped us improve our Dynoport products.”

The Formula III 800 sled that Dynoport brought to the Saber Invitational Trail Mod event this year didn’t gain any displacement. Daly gave the motor a lake racing port job. He then added V-Force reeds and 40mm carbs to the stock airbox. On the back end of the motor, the sled had Dynoport tuned triple pipes and three-pack silencers. “This sled hits 192 horsepower at 8500 rpm,” said Daly. “We have been using 100 octane gas to be safe.”

article5Daly used the stock TRA clutch with a Dynoport clutch kit for calibration.

On the back end, the Dynoport sled used the stock track with 192 1.2-inch studs. The stock suspension was strapped down and calibrated to accommodate our tough track conditions.

The whole package was 588 pounds, compared with the official ISR registered stock weight of 565 pounds.

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