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Dirt Wheels Product Evaluations Article:
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Honda Shock Setups And A Yamaha Pipe


Yamaha Banshee owners are quick to point out how well their machines work when they come on the pipe, but you don’t hear a lot about how well they work at low rpm. That’s because the Banshee doesn’t work at low rpm! It loves revs, and the more the merrier. If you have a Banshee and are tired of having to play catch-up with the powerband, then Dyno Port has an alternative for you.

Its Banshee 2 into 1 pipe is a single-pipe solution for getting more muscle out of the lower end of your Banshee. Dyno Port claims that its large-volume single pipe puts out smooth bottom-end and midrange power that will transform the way your Banshee performs.

To see for ourselves, we ordered one of their 2 into 1 pipes and installed it on our test Banshee. First of all, the pipe is a good fit and easily bolts on in place of the dual pipes of the stocker. Dyno Port sent us an aluminum silencer that does give the machine a distinctive bark and sound.

After bolting the pipe and silencer on, we headed out to see how the pipe performed. In the lower part of the Banshee’s powerband, the Dyno Port 2 into 1 pipe does put out a strong and smooth power. We did note that it signed off earlier than most Banshee pipes we have tested, but the power did not come on sooner and much stronger on the low-end.

For someone looking to smooth out the power and make his Banshee easier to ride for an acquaintance not familiar with the Banshee’s finicky top-end punch, the Dyno Port 2 into 1 pipe could be just what the doctor ordered. Or you might ride your Banshee in the woods or trails where a smoother and stronger low-end and midrange would be preferred. Either way, the Dyno Port 2 into 1 Banshee pipe delivers in smoothness and rider friendliness. Retail price is $399.95 with silencer; add $40 for spark arrester. For more info contact Dyno Port at (315) 252-2113.

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