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High Rich. We spoke on the phone recently and I was interested in some small gains for boondocking and hill climbing. And better throttle response in the trees. Reeding your response to etecs and added HP it seems to me yes you can get more HP but no more track speed as I would like for climbing. Because of the rev limitor limits speed is this wrong..   

Hi Sean,
                      Yes wrong and here is why most people think rpms are related to MPH or track speed. If you have car with a 4.56 rear end and the motor turns 4500 and lets say 110 MPH =4500 rpms, you will go faster if motor turns 4700.  RPMs and track speed are related to Horsepower, clutching and gearing. You would be correct if the sled was under geared (you would now be like the car with low gearing, 4.56  and then more RPMs would give you more MPH, but all sleds are over geared stock which is good so with a variable clutch when you make more power you go faster(MPH or track speed) and accelerate quicker. When I set the NHRA MPH record my 1000 turned 9350 through the lights at 160.50 and I was geared for 165mph, several racers run the Pro Stock motors at a higher rpm 9500 and even up to 9900 and to really make my point remember the old ZR 900 Cat that I think only turned 73 or 7400 and was very fast then and all other twins were in the 8000 range. Hope this logic helps.