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The Mad Scientist Unleashes The Ultimate Big Bore Killer
Rich Daly and his "Big Bore Killer" Ski-Doo XP800 was at it again, tearing 'em up at the Brantling Snowmobile Hill Climb!

After shredding it at Song Mountain Hill Climb to win King Of The Hill, Rich won the 800 mod, 900 mod, and 1000 mod at Brantling. Read More....
Rich Daly Revved Up And Ready To Go
Daly on Ashpalt
Rich Daly faced Kerry Shilts' D&D-powered ZR in the semi finals. Though he lost the race, he advanced farther than any other rookie racer.
Rich Daly had never set up a drag sled when he picked up a copy of Straightline Racer last spring. As the owner of Dyno Port, an aftermarket pipe and engine mod company, he hadn't spent much time dabbling in clutch work, and none on the suspensions of the sleds he worked on. But after a quick read, he was hooked. "I'm pretty mad at you guys," he told us in a mid-season interview. "You made it sound real easy to build a Prostock 800 sled. I figured I could put a strong motor in and use big horsepower to compensate for my inexperience with suspension. It doesn't work that way." Read More....

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Tuning The Rotax 800 Triple
Stock Triple Piped Rotax 800
Ski-Doo dropped their Type 809 three cylinder 800 engine into the new CK3 chassis last season, and while it proved to be a torque monster in the low end and midrange, the peak power output and bandwidth was lacking. Ski-Doo followed up with calibration improvements that seemed to make a significant improvement, but was this the answer or just a quick fix? Now for '99 we're told that the Mach Z (and Mach 1) will return to an end outlet pipe design; for what reason?

Rich Daly of Dyno Port (315-258-5618) successfully campaigned a Rotax 800 triple in the asphalt drag circuit this past Summer, and with the performance of the '98 Mach Z he wanted to show us what could be done with the Rotax 800. Read More....

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Past Articles:
Dyno Port MX Z 600 - American Snowmobiler
-American Snowmobiler Spring 1999, Page 88-89

Dyno Port MX Z 600
Dyno Port's main man, Rich Daly, accompanied by his trusty crew, showed up at our Woodgate site with knowledge gained from a season on the drag strip.
Rich Daly and crew took Rotax's new 600 cylinder reed motor and gave it a massage for the Saber Invitational. "We got in and did a good tail porting job on the engine," said Daly. "It isn't anything radical, but it did make about nine more horsepower over what you had on the Shoot-Out stock sled." He also took the head down a hair, resulting in slightly higher compression, but well within the tolerance for using pump gas.

The MX Z was equipped with a Dynoport Big Volume single pipe and Dynoport's new high air flow, quieter silencer. Daly was surprised to be able to gain six hp with his new Big Volume Single. Read More
Dyno Port Formula III 800
Dynoport owner Rich Daly took the asphalt racing world by surprise last summer when his Prostock 800 sled qualified for Brainerd and advanced past the first round. Daly has taken that experience and turned it towards his company's consumer products. "One of the things we learned from the asphalt project was to be very precise and look at the little details," he said. "That has definitely helped us improve our Dynoport products." Read More...
The Dyno Port Formula III 800 used the stock Ski-Doo track with 192 1.2-inch studs.

Stage Tuning - Ski-Doo MX Z/Summit 800

Stage Tuning - Ski-Doo MX Z/Summit 800 with Rich Daly - Dyno Port

Last season, Polaris got the jump on everyone with the introduction of their 800 twin offered in the RMK 800. By the time January 2000 rolled around, Ski-Doo had built a very limited number of MX Z 800s and Summit 800s. This version of the Rotax 800 was put on the Dyno Port dyno and produced just over 134 HP. At that time, we were told by Ski-Doo that it wasn't a true representative of what the actual 2001-build 800 engines would be producing.

Now in full production, the 2001 version of the Rotax 800 is found in the MX Z 800, Summit 800, and the Lynx RAVE 800 Special (only available in Europe). Based heavily on the 700 Rotax twin, the 800 twin is a cylinder-reed "Series 3" engine with RAVE power valves, Digital Performance Management (DPM), Mikuni TM-40mm flatside carbs, and a tuned single pipe exhaust. With an 82mm bore and 75.7 stroke, the displacement is right up to 799.2 cc. The cases and the crank are similar to the 700, with repositioned connecting rods and a longer stroke. Both the exhaust port and RAVE valve are a full 5mm wider. The eight-petal reed cages are mounted on the cylinders, allowing low engine positioning. Read More....