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Dyno Port, The Best Aftermarket Powersports Performance Parts Specialist in the Business - Pipes, Silencers, Porting, Clutching, and More!
We don't skimp on our stuff so you don't have to skimp on yours! At Dyno Port, we take technology seriously. We aren't afraid to invest in the very best tools and equipment available to develop our products. We know you want the very best for your sled, ATV or Dirt Bike, and that's what we're committed to delivering: top performance, top quality and top value!

We extensively test all of our products on the dyno and in the field. Our testing is so well regarded that American Snowmobiler relies on us for stock sled dyno testing. Additionally, Snow Tech uses our stage tuning and field testing notes in its issues!

Our products must pass quality control before they get the Dyno Port Name Plate. If your silencer doesn't say Dyno Port, it's just another tin can!
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Check out Mad Scientist Header Coating, a division of Dyno Port, LLC. Mad Scientist Header Coating features professional ceramic coating services for Dragsters, Door Cars, Imports, Street Rods, Snowmobiles, Quads, Motorcycles, Hot Rods, you name it! We feature world class customer service, fast turnarounds, and the best ceramic coating in the business. Looking for a show quality finish? We got you covered. Check out Mad Scientist Header Coating now at www.madscientistcoating.com
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Dyno Port has the parts you need, including Big Volume Cans and Pipes, Big Core Barker Silencers, Clutch Kits, Porting, Reeds and more. Our parts must pass stringent testing before it can receive our brand on it, so you'll know you're getting the finest products available. If you're ready to be the best, then its time you invested in the best. Dyno Port. The Best in the Business.
Custom set of Pipes on a Arctic Cat Wildcat 700
motor in a sprint car
These Custom Orders were done at Dyno Port. Order yours Today!
KTM 440-500-540-550 91-6 Big volume factory-smooth powerband
Outlaw Honda 265 Kart
Custom Pipe and Silencer on a 1982 Suzuki PE